Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wonder What I Could Make If I Was an Exotic Dancer

Other than your body, which we'll get into later, the tools of the trade are clothing, makeup, and shoes. In dancing, as with any other trade, it never pays to buy cheap tools-they don't work well, they break and you'll just have to replace them anyway.
Heels are your first purchase. Minimum height is 3 inches- anything shorter and your gut will stick out and your legs will look like tree trunks.

Look for a shoe with a plastic one-piece sole and heel. Shoes with the leather and wood heels are much more elegant but after the second night of dancing on them the heels tend to flex too much and put a lot of stress on your knees and back.
Open toes tend to be more comfortable but if you're going to wear them you have to make sure your toenails are painted and trimmed. Putting no-slip rubber pads on the bottom of the shoe is a good idea- it prevents embarrassing falls on slippery stages

Your first and most important concern is to find a suitable club. It needs to be a place where you feel safe and comfortable. It doesn't matter how good the money is, if the place makes you feel bad about yourself you'll be miserable working there. Go to the Ultimate Strip Club List and look for clubs in your area. The reviews will give you a very good idea of whether it's a place you want to work. i.e.
If the guy says, "Wow, it was great. This girl let me feel her up" It's obviously not a place you want to work. Looking for a good club is like looking for any other job- you want to get the most money for the least amount of work.

So what kind of money will you be making? If you're dancing for shift pay in a blue collar "titty bar" you'll make about $150 a night. A go-go or "cage" dancer at a regular nightclub might make $200 a night but she'll be dancing almost all night. Some girls might prefer that- you don't have to work for tips or talk to the guys. A girl dancing for tips and drink commission in a nude club makes between $200 to $600. A pretty, well-spoken girl who knows the business will make between $400 to $800 at a topless "gown" club. (Gown club refers to a club like TENS were the girls wear gowns and the clientele is more upscale).

A feature dancer whose done some magazine and movie work might make $1500 a night. These numbers are just a rough guide. It also depends on the club, your verbal skills and your looks- in that order.

Believe it or not the girls who make the most money stripping are rarely the prettiest. It's the ones who know how to tell the guys what they want to hear who make the real money. All without ever having to actually do anything.

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