Tuesday, July 20, 2010


He leaned over and kissed my mouth. His kiss was hard, tense. I began unzipping his pants and pulling his hard cock out as his tongue played in my mouth, his fingers wrapped in my hair so that I couldn't pull away. I stroked his cock, then moved down to take him in my mouth. I could taste his pre-cum immediately. He was oozing, ready to burst. I stroked him, running my tongue up and down his shaft, feeling the engorged veins move under my tongue. Then I took him fully into my mouth. Sucking hard and stroking. I wanted to taste him. I wanted his first orgasm of the day to be in my mouth. I wanted to own him, before he took me into the other room and slipped that scarf across my eyes, placed the rope around my wrists. Before he owned me, I would have him first.He came in my mouth hard, I pulled back and cupped my tongue, letting him watch as his cum filled it then flowed over and down onto my tits. He bent down and kissed me again, taking in his own cum as he kissed my mouth then down, licking the cum off of my tits, sucking each nipple into his mouth. He helped me out of the tub and walked into the other room. I heard music playing and the sounds as he removed his clothes. The room darkened as he closed the curtains.

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