Saturday, May 21, 2011

whats the filthiest/naughtiest thing u ever done?

I'll get back to you ... it's a long list!

If your boss said he'd promote you to high-ranking position in your company & make lots of money if he could fuck you & get a blowjob would you take the offer?

I do that every day now ... my boss owns five restaruants and I have been the bartender at all of them at one time. I also hostess and serve hsi poker parties. He always seems to be at the restaurant that I am working at ... and he always seems to get a blow job!

after a party you woke up and you saw me asleep right next to you what do you do

if you are a male ... I suck your manhood ... if you are a tgirl you will mostly likely be sucking my clitty ... and if you are a genetic girl .. i will likc your pussy ... most likley either I made a deposit or someone did too1

ever done line ups or gangbangs?

I love line ups .... but true gang bangs are awesome!

Dirty talk; turn on or turn off?

It turns me on!

Ask me anything

I totally agree with you. Do you have any latex outfits?

I have about five diffeent outfits!

Ask me anything

Showing some Maid clitty!