Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We're Serving Up An Anniversary Celebration on July 1!

Care to join us... our one year anniversay for Maids of the World is July 1.
Thanks for all the loyal support. Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for all the feedback... we need more of course and as always Ask Me Anything

Friday, June 4, 2010

I Just Love Pink!

Even More Pink

French Maids

I Love Party Service

Who Will Help?

A Working Outfit

Do You Ever Feel This Way?

Lovely ....

Always Enjoy Chores Dressed!

More Pink!

Ribbon Garters!


Clean Up The Room Bitch!

One of My Most Exciting Nights ....

i had to wear a pair of these with pink heels to a party. My clitty was in a cage .... i will tell you more later ...

Wrist Bands

Blue Princesses

Humiliation Quiz

I found this quiz that follows in several blogs. Its amusing so i thought i would share my answers with you. It's fun ... but since i am not the typical sissy slut or sissy maid my answers are not what the author, i assume expected. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

En Femme 24/7 Since 2006

Has She shown or told other people about your intense sexual excitement over your femming?
That never was a need
Are you humiliated by your craving for sissy humiliations? i like to be humiliated but being dressed doesn't
Do you think you deserve to be femmed, cuckolded and humiliated? its an honor
If She demanded it, would you allow your body to be altered permanently - made more feminine by implants, facial surgery, etc; even though you would still be kept as a sissy? I have implants
Would you agree to become a sissy whore if that was the only way you could remain femmed 24/7? i went femme 24/7 in 2006
Will you share your answers to this list with your Mistress or with the other readers of this blog? Am doing so now

Who Has Time For Porn?

Are you only allowed to cum by milking? depends on her mood
Does She give you spoiled orgasms? no
Do you have to earn the right for a sissy cummy? i have
Does She insist that you wear a condom for sex with Her but never asks that of Her boyfriends? No she was always safe
If She allows you to watch porn, is it sissy gurl porn? who has time to watch porn?
Have you cum while watching your Mistress being fucked by a real man? yes i have

Toys Are Fun!

Are you dildo trained? yes
Has She locked your plug in you so that you could get fucked all day long? yes
Have you been sent to the adult store to buy your own dildo? yes... dressed as HER maid
Does your clitty swell when you are penetrated? yes
Does She fuck you with a strap-on and make you moan like a whore for Her? yes
Has She let Her boyfriend fuck you? yes

My CB6000 Is Perfect!

Are you kept in chastity? i love my cages
When She does unlock you, do you find yourself on edge - ready to cum, as soon as the cage is released? i have... especially if it has been more than a day ... its all you think about
Do you get excited knowing that She holds your key and there is not a thing you can do about it? Yes
Do you wake up in the middle of the night with painful swelling in your chastity because you have been teased and denied for days on end? i have but its truly panful when you are f*cktoy at a party in your cage and are unable to get off
Do you find yourself begging and pleading for release - promising to do anything She requires of you? I know better