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Today's Word "contravene"

Contravene \kon-truh-VEEN\ (transitive verb) - 1 : To act or be counter to; to violate. 2 : To oppose in argument; to contradict.

"In 1620 most people considered the likelihood of reversing the seasons inside a building impossible, and many deemed it sacrilege, an attempt to contravene the natural order, to twist the configuration of the world established by God." -- Tom Shachtman, 'Absolute Zero and the Conquest of Cold'

Contravene comes from Late Latin contravenire , "to oppose," from Latin contra- , "against" + venire , "to come."

Monday, August 16, 2010

How to Feminize your Husband/Boyfriend!

1. Make a Sex Object out of Him

* Dress him like a slut (It will take a while to let someone else dress you, and see you, but once the clothes go on, you are transformed, by appearance and by thoughts)

* Pinch his butt (he will love it when you does this, especially in public, and he will jump from the slight pain!)

* Tell him that he is just a sex toy to get you off. He will love being ‘used’)

* Put a cock cage or chastity device on him and only unlock it when YOU need pleasure. (he may choose to remain in these 24/7, but you has needs!)

2. Role Playing the Housewife/Whore

* Make him dress like a maid and perform housewifely duties like cleaning, laundry, and cooking. Some go as far as making him wash out their panties and hose by hand as an act of humiliation.

3. Shame

* Use negative labels like whore, slut, cocksucker, boy, girl, bitch, etc. (sissy, cocksucker, slut, fuck slut, girl are cool too.)

* Make him feel embarrassed for getting turned on by something which is taboo to him. (he will love the shame, it sends him further, deeper into subservience)

* Be condescending. (especially when in public)

* Discipline him publicly. (Whether verbal or physical, it works every time)

* Make him do things which he finds humiliating or taboo. (While at VS ask him “is this the right size?” holding up panties in public for all to see)

* Humiliate his dick size; make him feel like he has to try hard to be man enough for you. (This one gets into his head, and makes me weak, every time)

4. Vulnerability

* Treat him like a girl in every way. Help him to feel feminine. (Girlie clothes underneath his ‘man’ clothes, especially in public)

* Encourage him to vocalize in a feminine manner during sex. Tell him to moan lightly like a girl. (This is utterly embarrassing)

* Emphasize the fact that you are going to “take” him and not vice versa. (He will like it when the rules are set straight from the beginning.)

* Get him to spread his legs like a slut. (especially while on his back, he will feel so vulnerable)

* Call his ass a pussy and his cock a clit. (he will really start to believe it, and treat them accordingly.)

* Make him feel that you are in control and that you WILL without a doubt
penetrate him. (Systematically shutting down his ‘manhood’)

* Talk to him about the sensation of stretching him and opening up his
booty (Watch him close his eyes and start twisting the pillow by this point.)

Simple Tips to Get Your Tile Cleaning Done Efficiently

A home demands a lot in aesthetics and add-ons. Some elements like tiles and rugs add functionality and visual appeal to various spaces around the home. But simply installing them is not enough. You also have to maintain the texture and look of the installation. Dirt and grime creep in quickly to cost inmates health and well being. Just living in plush surroundings and having expensive Persians and ceramics is not enough.

Regular cleaning of these items is very necessary. Every additional decorative piece that is added needs regular cleaning otherwise instead of enhancing the beauty of the living or work space it may ruin the effort! Regular tile cleaning, rug cleaning and carpet cleaning makes the home look neat and clean at all times and more importantly dust mite free! When your tiles or rugs develop ugly spots it becomes necessary to soak in a few important tips offered by carpet cleaning Melbourne services for cleaner looking tiles, rugs and Persians.

Adopt Natural Cleaning Agents: The main reason why tile cleaning does not interest many people is that even after using chemicals the stains and spillage hints just won't leave! How do you then give the tiles a fresh new look? It is important to address grime and dirt with natural cleaning agents right from the beginning to ensure that the arena cleaned always looks clean and fresh and odor free.

Natural cleaning agents like home made liquid soap solutions, neem based solutions and vinegar and water mixture helps to retain the look of even your designer decorative tiles. Similarly, avoid using solutions that are harsh on carpets and rugs too or in no time at all, dull spots take over the designs ingrained. Make sure that you clean carpets and rugs regularly so that dust mites don't become regular visitors and the surfaces do not accumulate too much spillage, making rug cleaning and carpet cleaning difficult later.

Scrubbing And Vacuuming Is A Must: Applying the cleaning solution on the tile or rug is not enough. You have to invest in a little scrubbing. This helps to get into crevices and clean areas in between the tiles, to get out the grime and dust accumulation that makes the add-ons look ugly. Ensure not to remove the grout in the bargain since it is primarily used for holding the tiles together. Avoid using too much pressure while scrubbing too.

If you vacuum on a daily basis, there will be no need to spend hours on tile cleaning later. Carpets and rugs should be vacuum cleaned every four days. You could either do the job yourself or hire professionals like those that operate from the carpet cleaning Melbourne service sites. Professionals are skilled and offer ongoing support even after a contract expires.

You can avail of helpful and cost effective tips and suggestions to get the home sparkling and dust mite free. Remember timely cleaning of your tiles and carpets increases their life span too. It's your home...add to its aesthetics though a routine that White hat also works miracles for the health of inmates.
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