Saturday, February 8, 2014

The new uniformed housekeeper (Maid) opens the door

By SatinSubmissions |

He moved into our luxurious apartment building about two months ago. He seems to be harmless though he keeps looking at me with lust. He is a skinny gentleman of about 25 years I’d say. From the first moment I saw him I figured he could be a great servant. He seems docile, polite and not a lot of brute force.

Before I went through all the trouble of actually transforming him, I had to test him. So one day I run into him in the hallway and I ask him if he is new in the building. The skinny gentleman confirms this and extends his arm while he meekly says ‘Rian’. I wait a second and then extend my arm to introduce myself as miss Fairfield. It wasn’t a coincidence  that I didn’t use my first name, I already wanted to set the first step towards authority.

“Say Rian, since I live next door I thought it would be good to get to know one another. Why don’t you come inside for a snack and some tea.” Before Rian could respond I had already turned towards my door and opened it. I made my way through the door and left it open behind me. It didn’t take long before Rian popped through the door. “Yes take your shoes off, I like to keep a clean house” I tell Rian while I’m keeping my heels on.