Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ready For The Day Now!

Everyday I wake up and the first response is always to touch my clitty.  I love the feel of her getting semi hard to the touch of my fingers. I especially love to touch through the sheerness of my nightie … I almost never sleep without something lacy, or something sheer, or something frilly that encases my body.  I know I am feminine but the feel of satin or lace or silk or nylon brings that warm and refreshing glow to my body.  Sleeping naked is always an option but sleeping in a night gown reminds me that you are a girl. Some mornings, my clitty is encased in her cage…. Which begs the next thought…. Who holds the key this morning? Or where is my spare?  I do enjoy the feeling of her being in chastity but I truly enjoy the feeling of her freedom to grow in my hand.

I then feel my boobies which always brings a smile to my face…. Yes I am the best of both worlds.  I am not sure that having a pussy beats having a ladyboi clitty. I do enjoy pussy but I truly enjoy my clitty, which always brings me to my next feelings. I reach for the baby oil then  I lay back to enjoy her first explosion for the day!