Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nikkij is My Name!

Has She replaced your inappropriate male sounding name with something far more delicate and feminine? I was jennifer when we first meet... yes i was serving a party that she was adinner guest ... we added Nicolle and I have gone with Nikkij for 7 years now
Does She refer to you with sissy endearments such as slut or bitch or pantypoof or pansy? I was always the slut
When out for dinner, has She used your feminine name in front of a waiter? only when dressed
Has She told friends how feminine you are when you are present? yes... she always did
Does She show Her friends pictures of you in your best frills or post them on the internet? mostly i was in those frills early on in the marriage ... never in male clothes
Has She insisted that you get all pretty so She could take you around the neighborhood for introductions? always

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