Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fluffy Is An Art!

Has She made you lick your cum off Her after you had a little accident? never on her ... but have licked her boyfriends deposits
Does She order you to worship Her well fucked pussy after a good fuck date? Does licking it count?
Does She like your tongue on Her clit when She is getting fucked by a real cock? That is a wonderful sensation
Has She trained you to suck cock for Her? SHE has given me lost of opportunity in the past and will so in the future .... yes i have gotten better under tutelage
Have you begged to be allowed to suck Her boyfriend's cock hard for Her? That's a given
Does your little clitty get all swollen when you suck cock or even when you are thinking about sucking cock? of course my huge clitty does
Does She remind you to refresh your make-up after you have finished licking up all the cum that was splashed all over your sissy face? yes she has

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