Thursday, June 3, 2010

En Femme 24/7 Since 2006

Has She shown or told other people about your intense sexual excitement over your femming?
That never was a need
Are you humiliated by your craving for sissy humiliations? i like to be humiliated but being dressed doesn't
Do you think you deserve to be femmed, cuckolded and humiliated? its an honor
If She demanded it, would you allow your body to be altered permanently - made more feminine by implants, facial surgery, etc; even though you would still be kept as a sissy? I have implants
Would you agree to become a sissy whore if that was the only way you could remain femmed 24/7? i went femme 24/7 in 2006
Will you share your answers to this list with your Mistress or with the other readers of this blog? Am doing so now

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