Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Have Always Loved Garters and Stockings!

Do you wear pantyhose or a pretty garter belt and stockings under your work clothes more often than not? I did when I was a male marketing executive
Has your Mistress required you to wear a bra out in public even though the straps were noticeable under your thin top? My ex only made me do that when we were in a group SHE knew ... never when we might meet soemone unexpectantly... normally it wasn't my bra strap that was showing when we were in that group...
Does She insist that your bras be padded so that you can always have little sissy titties? i did wear falsies before i got my implants

Would She tell men in a pick-up bar that Her sissy hubby is wearing lingerie? No actaully if we went out ... i was always dressed and when she picked them up .... i was always there enfemme to get them hard again for her ... SHE insisted that i was there to to do that for HER
Does She require you to sunbath in a bikini to make sure you get a dark bikini tan? i always did
Does She insist that you sleep in your cute little nighty every night? i relish sleeping in my satin gowns

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