Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Frilly Purses Make The Outfit!

Has She put you in the frilliest of your frills - made you into a pretty little sissy ornament for Her guests? often
Have you been taken for a walk around the block or been sent to the store to buy tampons in your gurly clothes? i always did the shopping en femme
Has She taken you shopping for heels and had you try them on in the store? more than just heels ...
Have you been told to sit quietly and play with your dolls while the adults talk? normally i would be of service to all the guests
Has She ordered you to drop your panties so Her friends could see how incredibly small you are? Actually i am 7" and have bigger than some of her boy friends ... even HER current husband ... but She married him for his money.

Have you been ordered to reach inside your panties and rub your clitty to a cum in front of Her guests? yes

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