Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stockings, Garters and Heels Is My Uniform

Is She pleased with you when you beg for Her help to become more feminine? I always wanted HER to do my make up
Do you look through Women's catalogs together to keep you up on the latest styles?
No we always went to the mall

Do you put on your own make-up? Now i do
Has She put you on a diet and started your corset training? i workout daily to keep my femme figure ... yes i work enfemme
Does She insist you keep your nails filed and polished? i do now
Do you go to the salon for manicures and pedicures? yes laways
Do you have your very own closet filled with your gurly clothes? two clothes ... actually turned a bedroom into a closet
When you get home from work, are you required to immediately change into your gurly clothes? when i was married to myn ex Ashley .. my attire was heel, stockings and garters nightly

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