Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thoughts On Toys

Buy a Sex Toy for Women:

1. Most common types of sex toys for Women are: nipple and breast toys, pleasure balls, male sexy dolls, body sexy jewelry, dildos, clitoral vibrators, insertible vibrators, g-spot toys. 2. Don't forget about take care of your sex toys and buy special cleaners! 3. Buy women sex toy - enjoy new sexual pleasures!
Buy a Sex Toy for Men:
1. Men’s Sex Toys are: penis pumps, cock rings, love dolls, blow job imitators, penis extensions, masturbation sleeves, realistic cock and anus, realistic sexy vagina. 2. Sex toys provide very realistic feeling, and they offer a degree of control over your orgasm that many men find exciting and satisfying. 3. Buy men sex toy - increase men stamina and be a better lover!

Buy a dildo
1. How big dildo you want to buy? In other words how deep and wide penetration you like? Use your fingers as a guide. We have dildos up to 14 inches long on sale. 2. Choose dildo material. Many dildos are made of silicone or rubber, which is less expensive. First-timer may start with rubber dildo model. We recommend glass or Lucite for your second dildo. 3. Buy a dildo and enjoy!

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