Monday, July 26, 2010

Are You Calling Me A Lady?

Let's describe a spectrum of activities that might be negotiable. In all cases, remember that the lady calls the shots and determines when and where the end game is. To help, below are some lists to use as a start in negotiation. I like the list approach because using them will firmly establish what the word "blowjob" means between the partners and will eliminate any misunderstanding and miscommunication.

The lady of course may use her position on these lists to negotiate other activities or favors that she wants. Turnabout is fair play, after all.There are essentially two areas of negotiation in what will occur during a blowjob, and you must agree on both before any activity takes place. There is a list for each area below.
1. Establish the limits on which parts of his penis she will stimulate and exactly how the stimulation will take place.
2. Agree on whether or not stimulation will proceed to ejaculation, and more importantly, where the ejaculate will end up. It is helpful to establish a 'warning word' to use when ejaculation is imminent, in case it's not obvious. Something other than "thar' she blows!" would be appropriate.So here we go. Honestly and openly share each of the lists below with your partner, see where each of you draw the line, and establish what your 'voluntary exchange zone' is before any activity occurs.

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