Saturday, July 24, 2010

What Were We Talking About?

In hopes of helping you single guys (and the players) get laid I wanted to share some good research that Men’s Health has published. They completed a study on the 12 stages of seduction. I’m not going to get into the science of the shit - just straight down to business. A total of 1000 chicks participated so it’s got to be somewhat true.

Best way to get it started
Surprisingly, 53% of the chicks fall for the straightforward approach. They don’t look for the cutesy creative little things that we all try to pull off. Keep it simple and you’ll get her out with you. Example - I think you’re great let’s have dinner. You free on Friday night? Keep in mind that your confidence level counts; don’t be so damn confident that you seem certain she’ll go for it. She’ll sense that and probably shamelessly shoot you down.

Keep it going after dinner
The last thing you want to do is invite her right back to your place (unless she’s literally asking for it.) 54% of the women said they prefer building up intimacy in stages so try to keep it slow cowboy. Ease your way into things, suggest going to a really good ice cream place around the corner.
Fork in the road
At this point, you’ll need to decide whether or not she seems open for going back to your place (or hers.) Watch for small signs of attraction, if she holds your arm during the night or touches your leg at dinner. As small as they might seem, these are your deciding factors. If you decide it’s a go, take the chance and suggest renting a DVD or having a drink to end out the night. If she declines don’t push it (or you’ll risk crashing burning this one for good.)

Buddy, you’re almost set
67% of the women said that once they’re back your place, they’re 75% ready. Now, most of the battle is left up to your state of your place. Make sure your bathroom is halfway decent and that you’re walls aren’t empty. Pictures and photos make you seem warm and connected. 70% want a chance to relax and talk first don’t jump on her. That first move or kiss is always intense so try your best to lighten up the mood. If she’s chattering away and coming up with new conversations, she’s not ready.

Move in, slowly
61% of the women said a short and sweet kiss to start is better (Save your best tongue technique for later.) Kiss gently around her mouth, face, neck, and ears. Follow her lead from here. Pay attention to her passion levels; if she’s just itching to move on go with it. You’ve got to let it escalate naturally. Remember your physics, for every action there’s a reaction (this could never be more important.)

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