Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Need Them Back

It didn’t happen the way I was thinking it would, the way I originally planned but sometimes the unexpected opportunities are too good to pass up.
I slipped on my shoes and went out to the garage, hitting the garage door opener on my way out. I saw that Joey already had one can out to the curb, leaving two others still waiting. Perfect.
I gripped the handles of the first can, pressed my foot down on the wheel to keep it from rolling, and tipped it back toward me. It was heavy. I’m a strong woman but this thing felt like it had chunks of concrete in it.

I managed to pivot the can around and roll it down the driveway toward the curb. By now, Joey was rolling the second of their cans down his driveway. We reached the street at the same time. His can bumped easily over the curb and onto the street.

Mine was so fucking heavy that I couldn’t get enough leverage on it to get it over the slight lip in front of the curb. I pulled it back away from the curb and pushed hard. The can cleared the edge but had too much momentum. I could feel the handles bite into my fingers as it started falling forward.

Joey, who’d been watching me struggle with this thing, saw what was happening and came running over, catching the front edge of the can just as it was about to go all the way over. Between the two of us, we managed to get it upright on the street.

We stood, the nasty trash can between us, my hands still on the handles, his on the front, looking at each other. Goddamn he’s so fucking hot. Always in a t-shirt and jeans when he’s not working. I just looked at him, touching him with my eyes, not saying anything, waiting.

“Are you okay?” he finally asked me.
“I’m fine, thanks.”
“Do you need help with the other trash cans?”

“No. I’ll be okay.” I paused for a second, letting him see me checking him out, before continuing.
“I do have something else you can help me with, though.” He looked away from me, a small shy smile on his face. I couldn’t tell because it was so dark, but I thought he might be blushing.
He looked back at me and his eyes gave his desire away. “Yeah?”

“I need my panties back, Joey.”
“Your…?” He looked confused.
“Panties. I need them back. You do still have them?”
It wasn’t what he was expecting. “Uh, yeah. Sure. I still have them.”
“Good. I need them back right now.”

He seemed to be considering what to do. “I’ll go get them. They’re in my truck.”
When I heard him say where they were a deep hot explosion of excitement went off inside me. In that split second, I knew exactly what my next move would be.

I smiled at him, “Great! I’ll come with you while you get them.” I stepped off the curb, waiting for him to get moving. When he did I followed him over to where his truck was parked in front of his parents’ house.

I watched him as he pulled his keys out of his pocket, fitting the right one into the lock with fingers that trembled slightly. When the door was unlocked he pulled it open, sliding his right leg onto the seat, the left still outside, foot on the asphalt. His truck smelled of cigarettes and motor oil. He leaned across the seat, reaching for the glove box, his jeans stretching tight across his cock. He was already hard.

The latch on the glove box clicked, the drawer opening with a muted thunk. With his attention on retrieving my little black thong I moved closer, pressing my back against the inside of the open truck door. He sat up, twisting back my way, the panties clutched in his right hand, to find me there, close enough to touch but not touching, standing between his legs.
I reached out my left hand, closing it over his right, the one that held the panties.
“Did you enjoy them, Joey?” I asked him. He didn’t say anything, just gave a slight nod of his head. With my hand still gripping his, I brought the panties to my face, breathed in their scent. It wasn’t me that I smelled. It was him. He watched me do this with eyes that were glazed with arousal. He was breathing hard, the pocket on his t-shirt rising and falling rapidly with each excited breath.

I leaned in to him, my own breath coming fast, excited as hell at finally being so close to his warm body on a cold night after all these weeks of drawing him to me.
As I whispered into his ear, “I can smell you on my panties,” I ran my fingers and palm down over his cock. He drew in a quick breath, letting it out with a quiet moan. I stroked him for a bit, pressing myself into him.

When I was ready, I let go of his right hand, pulling my panties from his hand into mine. Still leaning into him, I pushed him back a bit so I could get at his pants. I quickly undid the button and zipper. I knew it! I knew he didn’t wear underwear. He shifted a bit on the seat, allowing me to pull his cock clear of his jeans.

With my thong wrapped in my left hand, I gripped him hard, sliding the silky material slowly over his cock, stroking him. He was thrusting his hips forward, matching my rhythm, head bent forward on his neck. So fucking exciting, the sound of his breathing, his little moans of pleasure, the scent of him.

I could tell from the feel of him and the pace of his breath that he was getting close. Still stroking him, I leaned away from his body, squatting down before him. I looked up into his face, licking my lips in preparation.
“Oh, fuck…” he breathed.
His whole body jumped when I slid my mouth over the head of his cock, sucking him there lightly, before removing my thong-clad hand and taking him all the way into my mouth. Oh, the feel of him gliding past my lips and into my throat. The smell of him, the same scent from my panties.

He reached down, pulling my hair away from my face, watching himself fuck my mouth until he came hard, buried in the back of my throat. I continued sucking him gently until he was finished.
I stood up, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, smiling at him.
“Your turn.” I said.

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