Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Practice, Practice, Practice

Deep throat is a form of oral sex in which the entire length of the erect penis is taken into the mouth. If you can’t do that and want to learn how, read my tutorial Deep Throat: What It Is and How to Do It. Once you’ve mastered deep throat, here are 5 advanced techniques you can learn to make deep throat even more enjoyable for your man.

1) Deep Throat Massage. After you’ve learned to take in the entire length, you’ll also be able to perform a throat massage on his penis while it’s in your throat. This technique will drive your partner wild with excitement as your throat muscles massage his penis. This is accomplished by actually making a swallowing motion while the entire length of his penis is deep in your throat. You should also be able to lick his scrotum when your mouth is at the base, provided you are in the right position.

2) Popping the Penis. When taking his penis out of your throat, bring it all the way up to your mouth and “suck” it hard so that, when you pull it out, it makes a “popping” noise. Then quickly suck it back into your throat and do it again. The extra friction that happens when you suck your man in while lifting your head out is the reason that this is so stimulati
ng for him because most of the sensation is in the first few inches of his penis.

3) Blowing Hot and Cold. Go down on the penis shaft as far as you can with your lips firmly wrapped around it. Open your mouth as wide as you can and suck in as much air as your lungs will hold. While sucking in air, let your open mouth travel up to the penis’s head. Your upstroke motion should end at the head of his penis just as your lungs fill with air. Then, with your mouth still open, let out the air in your lungs slowly through your mouth as your opened mouth travels back down the shaft. This technique cools the penis on the upstroke and warms the penis with your hot breath on the down stroke.

4) Humming. Suck your man’s penis into your throat, and, while it is deep in, start to hum. It doesn’t matter what you hum. If you find it hard to do with the penis all the way in, start humming as it comes out of your throat, or puff out your cheeks slightly so you can breathe. The vibrations of your tongue, throat, and tonsils when you hum will drive him crazy.

5) Traveling Figure 8. After you have become accustomed to taking his penis deep into your throat, try this action. With your lips firmly wrapped around the shaft, very slowly go down to the base. Your nose should be buried in, or at least touching, the pubic hairs at the base of the penis. Next, with your nose, trace a figure 8 as if the “8″ were lying on its side, making your figure 8 motion about 3-4 inches long. Slowly travel up the shaft of the penis to the head while doing the figure eight motion. Keep doing this motion while your lips firmly travel up and down the shaft.

Adding some of these techniques to your repertoire will give you enough variety to stimulate and please your partner. Remember that everyone’s different, but, in all cases, practice makes perfect. Trying is definitely more than half the fun, and the reward your man will give you for your efforts of success will amply pay you back for all your practice.

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