Friday, July 23, 2010

Cages and Shaving ... Thoughts...

This shiny, gallant chrome cock cage padlocks to secure a happy slave so that his manhood - or tgirl clit) is only available for your owner (or those you provide keys).

This chastity device requires two parts: the chrome cock cage attaches to the hinged chrome ring and holds a lock at the point of attachment. These parts are sold separately. The cage is one-size-fits-most; the ring is available in four sizes.
I own one! Do you... or better yet want toown one?

I would never tell a girl what to do with her pubic hair, but I can’t remember seeing a bush since the middle of high school.

If I had a preference towards bald it wouldn’t matter anyway because that’s all I seem to encounter. (Nikkij is bald!)
I know some people want to blame pornography, but seeing as a lot of women start grooming really young I can't imagine they know what guys are looking at. They say that fashions are cyclical, but I hardly expect a '70s bush to come back into vogue any time soon.

Does hairless feel better? Do most girls go hairless or is it just me?”