Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thoughts While Playing With My Clitty

I have gotten great make-up advice from t girls
- Men should add 2 sizes to their shoe size when buying heels to fit them
- With enough lube, time and patience a giant dildo can fit into an asshole
- Cross dressers can convincingly stuff their bras
- That I should always use the same term the client uses to refer to his genitalia
- Even though I have oily skin I should apply moisturizer to my face
- Many men are just as nervous seeing a sex worker for the first time as we are seeing them for the first time
- There are many different ways to give an enema
- The difference between green asparagus and white asparagus is that the white hasn’t been exposed to sunlight
- Tgirls Know the best places to buy wigs, fake boobies, sexy women’s clothing
- Licking your phone too much will short it out
- I have gotten great film, book and wine recommendations from callers
- The difference between sissies, sissy maids, sissy boys, sissy girls, sissy sluts, sissy whores and sissy babies is very diverse.
- The film Mrs. Robinson really did fuel the fantasy life of scores of men for years
- Wild duck tastes better than farm raised
- Some men think that talking to me is cheating on their wives, for others talking to me saves them from cheating on their wives
- How can you set up your voicemail so that it emails you a file of the message.
- In a pinch rubber bands work wonders for a CBT session
- Victoria’s Secret staff are generally very understanding to men buying clothing for themselves
Yes I was playing with my clitty

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