Tuesday, July 20, 2010

12 Sexy Things to Do With Clothes

Give him a long look at you in a bra, panties, and tall boots. The vixenish-sweet combo majorly turns on men. Nikkij never lets them see her completely naked!

Blindfold him with his tie. Blocking his sight heightens his other senses, and not knowing what your next move is will drive him insane (in a good way). Awesome when the fold is on the cheek so to speak!
While wearing a slinky, silky camisole, climb on top of him and then slide your body all over his naked skin. Do a front slide lap dance!

Unzip his pants, but don’t pull them off. Instead, insert your hand, gently take his member out of the opening in his boxers, and treat him to some
amazing oral action. Trust us, it’ll give him a rush to have only this one sexy part exposed. Real men don't wear boxers!

Fling open a front-clo­sure bra right before cli­max. Setting your breasts free at this pivotal point will send him tumbling over the edge. I love to show my new titties!
Whip off his belt, fold it in half, and
give his butt a few playful whacks. Not into spanking myself!

bind his ankles together using your bra. When you restrict his move­ment, you get to be in control and he feels the thrill of being dominated by you. Nikkij can switch!

Have him place his hands or
mouth down south while you’re still in your undies. The fabric is a barrier (amping excitement), and his warm breath will feel amazing. Let him find your surprise!

Sit on top of him, both of you wearing just undies. Grind back and forth against him for as long as you can, then
strip and have sex. Swish your booty on his cock!
Just push your under­wear aside to have sex. Again, the immediacy of it is hot—like you can’t wait to have each other. Do my booty now... please!

Don’t let him remove his tee shirt before sex. Then, at some pivotal moment— say, midorgasm—grab the fabric in the middle of his chest, twist it so it tightens around his torso, and pull him close. Possible thirll!

Slooowly slip off your panties but keep your skirt on before straddling him for
girl-on-top sex. It sends the message that you can’t wait a moment longer to have him inside you. I love to throw my stocking legs over his shoulders while he takes me from the front! When he slides his cock into my booty he can then paly with my clitty ... yum!

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