Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thinking About

BLUE: Lovers of blue are wonderful sex partners. They are sinners, affectionate and sensitive to their partner's needs. They consider love making a fine art and their approach is elegant. Men who love blue are like concert pianists, delicately ravaging their partner like they would play a baby grand. Women in the blue category enjoy sex to the fullest.

They are exciting partners but their passion may be compared to a tidal wave rather than fiery aggression. Both women and men enjoy foreplay and the aftermath of lovemaking, as much as the sex act itself. In marriage a blue person is a wonderful mate, never seeking outside interests.

Spice up any oral technique by adding the "twist and swirl." The combination of firm fingers and a soft tongue feels fantastic, and it's easy to master: As you're using your hand to masturbate him, twist it slightly once it reaches the head.

At the same time, swirl the flat of your tongue around the rim of the head. It's a simple but oh-so-effective move! Also try frenulum flicks: Use a tensed tongue to flick it, or make like a butterfly and "flutter" your tongue on his frenulum.

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