Monday, July 26, 2010

Buying for Your Man

When it comes to sexy gifts for men there are only a few things you need to avoid. These are fairly common things.

For starters, avoid things you know he won’t like (obviously!). If he doesn’t own any thongs do not assume this one is going to be the one to convert him. Most men are very underwear loyal. If he wears boxers then find him a sexy pair, but do not assume you can convince him to wear something else.

If you are
toy shopping, do not focus on things you can use on him.While you might think these things are romantic they could actually be a turn-off. If he is not interested in anal toys, restraints, or whips then you will either end up buying him something that he can use on you or something like massage oil, which is nice but not something just for him.

Consider buying him a masturbatory toy such as a love doll, and inflatable doll, or a handheld device for private moments alone.

When You are Trying to Romance Him…

Avoid the Following:
· Whips, Chains, or Restraints for Men that Don’t Want to be Tied Up
· Anal Toys for Men that Have Never Spoken of Anal Sex
· Thongs for Boxer Boys

Get Him These Instead:
· A Beginner Anal Toy for a Curious Possible Receiver
· A Sexy Pair of Boxers or Briefs (thongs if he wears them)
· A Cock Ring or Other Sexual A Cock Ring or other Performance Enhancer

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