Monday, July 19, 2010

What Do You Think?

Some women think that their genitals are "dirty". Most men, however, regard the vulva and clitoris as extremely desirable and arousing, and can be shocked to hear these expressions of negative self-image.
For many men, cunnilingus, that most intimate of sexual acts, is a delightful part of sex play and is extremely sexually arousing.
In response to the question "Do you think your vagina and genital area are ugly or beautiful?"33.9% of women liked their genitals and said they were "beautiful"15.5% said they were "ugly"And the rest didn't seem to have strong feelings either way.When women were asked if their vulva and vagina smelt good or bad:30.1% said they smelt "good" or "great"15.3% said they smelt "bad"19.0% said they smelt "good when they were clean"and the rest provided a range of answers including "exciting", "interesting", "sexy" and "desirable" (9.5% in total), "OK" (10.0%) and the ambivalent "sometimes good, sometimes bad" (8.3%).

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