Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Dating Game

One of the most complicated things in the dating game is knowing whether or not a woman is interested — especially since it’s easy to misinterpret a mere act of kindness as sexual interest. Deciphering whether or not she is interested in getting to know you or if you’re close to “getting lucky” that evening can be equally as confusing.How do you know when an intimate conversation with someone you just met at a nightclub can potentially become a one-night stand? Truthfully, there are no surefire signs you’ll get lucky at the end of a date, but there are a few behavioral clues to look out for. Knowing how to recognize some signs you’ll get lucky — verbal and non-verbal ones — so that you can proceed to the next level will eliminate a significant amount of apprehension on your part to go for it.It’s no secret that the woman ultimately controls the sexual climate of any situation or encounter. So, to help you read her better, here are the top 10 signs you’ll get lucky.
10 She buys you a drink
If she offers to buy you a drink, it is a clear indication that she is confident and goes after what she wants. It is also an invitation to join her, and potentially keep her company for the remainder of the evening.

9 She touches you
Body language is the key to knowing whether or not a woman is into you. If she touches you affectionately on the arm or leg in the midst of conversation, chances are that she’d like to take that touching to a more intimate place later on.

8 She compliments you
Women aren’t the only ones who enjoy compliments; men like their egos fed too — a trick most women know. So, if she’s going on a complimenting rampage about your physical appearance or the smell of your cologne, you can take that as a sign that you’ll probably get some kind of action by closing time.

7 She’s making eye contact
Maintaining prolonged eye contact (i.e., longer than five seconds) with you during your conversation shows that she likes what she sees and isn’t afraid to explore it further.

6 She lets you touch her
If she’s touching you, take that as an invite to return the
favor. By allowing you to touch her affectionately or not shying away from any accidental touches to her hand or leg, she’s showing you that she’s comfortable with you and attracted to you. These are two probable signs you’ll get lucky by the end of the night.

5 She leans in
When talking to someone they’re not
interested in, both men and women ensure to maintain their personal space so the other person doesn’t get the wrong idea. So, if your woman of interest leans in while talking to you, you can interpret it as a clear sign that she is comfortable sharing her personal space with you, and probably wouldn’t mind sharing her private space with you too.
4 She shares private details
A woman won’t open up to just anyone; she needs to feel comfortable and safe with the person she pulges personal information to. So, if you find yourself engaging in a
conversation in which she’s sharing personal or emotional information, read it as an act of being open to receiving physical consolation from you.

3 She starts talking dirty
No sign you’ll get lucky can be more clear than this one. If she starts engaging in a sexual conversation with you — she tells you what she likes, she asks you what you like, she tells you about past experiences, etc. — you can be sure that she’s
flirting with you in the hopes of taking your relationship to the next level.
2 She shows you her tattoo
Some things are only meant for certain eyes to see, especially when it comes to private features on intimate body parts, like a tattoo on her lower back or a birthmark on her breast. If she raises her shirt to show you anything of the sort, she’s giving you a glimpse of what you could have later on if you make a move.
1 She splits a cab with you
If, by the end of the night, you still haven’t worked up the courage to ask her to your place, she may leave at the same time as you or even go so far as to offer to split a cab ride with you. Consider this your last chance to get lucky for the night.
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There is no scientific formula to help predict how your evening will end. But if you take the time to be aware of these small signs, you can be sure that your success rate for “scoring” with women will increase significantly.

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