Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Does Jay Know ...?

Sometime late last year, the idea took hold. Kay, a very sexy friend in another city, mentioned that her boyfriend had this fantasy of seeing her with another man. We toyed with this scenario for a bit before I worked up the nerve to say that, actually, I'd be in her neighborhood in the spring. This immediately was judged to be a sound idea. Kay ran it by Jay, her boyfriend, who got very excited, they discussed it, got horny, took off their clothes... And so on.
For one reason or another, Kay and I never got around to giving Jay the show he wanted. I think it had more to do with their circumstances at the time than any lack of kink. But since then I've been thinking of couples, now and then, watching them, joining in and performing for them. It's like Jay's wonderfully notion has lodged itself in my head and loins, and it's become mine. At first it just made me think very fondly of the couples I've been with, and of the surprise pleasure I felt at seeing them with each other. Like an acquired taste in food it grew on me, becoming part of my fantasies. Jay's idea was to stay absolutely detached, watching me and Kay fuck until we were exhausted and sore. At first my part in the game seemed much more interesting, but over time I've begun to fantasize about the other possibility: watching a couple have sex right in front of me for our mutual delight. So now my fantasy slips from exhibitionism to participation to voyeurism in one liquid flow of desire. All that's missing is a conveniently located couple. Maybe I'll try to convince Kay and Jay to visit soon...
Does Jay know that I wear panties?

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