Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Well... What Do You Think?

Clearly something is ridiculous and perverse, but it’s not porn.

A lot of women feel very conflicted about porn, and that conflict manifests itself in some interesting ways:

Some women think it’s cheating if their husband or boyfriend watches porn.

Some women are jealous because, thinking they could never have the “perfect” bodies of the porn stars, they feel they are constantly being compared with that perfection.

Some women believe that they can’t satisfy their partner like a porn star could, or that somehow they are expected to act like a porn star.

Some women are horrified to suddenly discover porn on their partner’s computer.

Some women think that it’s disrespectful to them if their partner likes to look at porn.

Some women think that there’s something wrong with them, and that’s why their partner watches porn.

Some women know their boyfriends watch porn before they get married, but they marry him anyway and then they wonder—why is he still watching porn?

What would some women think if they caught their man with me...

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