Thursday, December 2, 2010

Would You Rather Be in Costume or Dressed EnFemme?


  1. Why not both? I love getting enfemme and then putting on a sexy feminine costume.

  2. I guess should of asked it differently?

  3. Both would suit me fine as long as I can wear a frilly apron as well .

  4. Either is fine just so long as the male has learned the importance of erasing all aspects of vile false 'masculinity' and total obedience to the Female...

  5. As for these three examples they seem to illustrate the a few of the intricacies of proper feminized male behavior.

    From top to BOTTOM (how indicative of the evolution of the male!):

    first: At times the male must learn to portray its innate meekness and weakness in the most
    exceptionally 'flirty' and 'girlish' manner, as the male having NO power of its own other than such demeaning attractiveness.

    second: Women's needs are far more stronger and important than the flimsy pathetic sexuality of the male. And Female urges must be met when and however They desire. So often the male need portray itself in a 'sultry' manner demonstrating it is fully accessible to whatever whim the Female deems necessary.

    three: Females enjoy Their natural and undeniable Supremacy over males... and the sight of males such as this one exuding cheerful understanding of its weakness, submission, inferiority and useful subservience can make a Female Master's busy day.