Wednesday, December 29, 2010



  1. The new role of the male as obedient homemaker as Females assume their rightful position as Master of the House requires that males not merely do their household duties, but also that they perform them in a manner that the Women find aestheticly pleasing and attractive.

    Of course the first step is the male wife or boyfriend be well versed in wearing feminine fashion and cosmetics.

    The next step is the male perfecting and internalizing girlish posture, mannerisms, speech, and grace. No more relaxed slouching, unkempt appearance, harsh language, vile 'masculine' interests, contrariness, or anything that might have him seen as even slitghtly unladylike. Cute playful behavior that Females find 'flirtacious' such as seen above may at times be allowed ---

    HOWEVER the male must be willing to pay the price if such coquettish bearing inflames the strong urges to which Females are naturally prone, and which the male is required to fulfill.

  2. In short... the proper male maid should always be quite ready and available to BEND OVER TO PLEASE his FEMALE MASTER.