Tuesday, December 21, 2010

May I Please You Now?


  1. "May I Please You Now?"

    The words were like honey to Sandra's ears. This was the first day Her ex-husband was back from the correctional center run by Her old college roommate, after the divorce proceedings where Ron had been sent for coming home that night drunk and forcing himself on Her. Karen Her roommate who had majored in Psychology and minored in Women's Studies had founded a vert successful 'training center' for overbearing male mates.

    "Yes, VERONICA...you had better please me", Sandra snapped curtly.

    "You should start by vacuuming and dusting and straightening My Master Bedroom spotlessly. Then make the bed with the special satin ensemble I made you purchase last week. I want everything PERFECT when My date Alyssa and I get home from OUR DATE TONIGHT.

    "You have permission to go to bed when you finish all the housework... BUT keep the intercom in your maid's quarters on -- JUST IN CASE Alyssa or I want anything...

    "And be sure you serve US breakfast in bed at 8:00 AM SHARP... do you UNDERSTAND MISSY!!! Not a moment before or a second after.

    "Now go touch up your make-up and lipstick so you're looking your GIRLISH best when you answer the door for Alyssa... She is SO-O eager to see the NEW YOU."