Thursday, December 30, 2010

More Cartoons


  1. Milking print is just awesome, an ultimate turn on....sissy jayne xx

  2. jayne I thought so too.. almost posted it alone

  3. Love the one of a male hanging laundry.

    Malcolm had cheated Karen on with probably three-quarters of the neighborhood ever since she began work on the night shift at the plant where they both worked. Karen was furious, but had not a clue on how to even the score. But when Karen did so well that she was promoted to a very high level of management, She now had in Her power means to solve Her little domestic problem.

    Getting Malcolm fired was QUITE easy, and with references SO poor that he could never find another position, he had to acquiesce to Karen's every demand at home or be thrown out penniless.

    Today Karen's obedient little male wife "MALLORY" is spending another day line drying both their dainty lingerie out in their well-kept backyard open for view to ALL those same Women 'she' used to seduce with the 'masculine' charms that have since been removed through punishment, re-training and hormone treatment.

    And Karen has ironically become close friends with nost of Her male wife's former pretty conquests. Most nearly all had apologized to Karen, and cite how Mallory is actually quite an improvement over the old egotistical Malcolm.

    And Karen REALLY loves it when the Women come up asking for advice on HANDLING THEIR OWN EGOTISTICAL males....

    First, She