Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just Lovely!

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  1. Laurie loved Dan, but he was so overbearing that when he proposed to her, she was very reticent. She thought a moment and consented with one caveat.
    Dan and she would attend a Pre-Nuptial Behavioral Course run by her old college roommate who majored in Psychology and minored in Women's Studies.

    Although Dan barely passed the program, we see "DANIELLE" here awaiting to cater to the needs of his Female Husband Laurie on their Wedding Night.
    For the present Laurie is content to accept Her pretty little male wife as 'she' is, albeit Danielle is far less submissive than the other males who finished the training.

    Again, Laurie is content only for NOW... but after the Honeymoon She has Danielle signed up for the second class in ADAVANCED male WIFERY.