Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do You ...?


  1. Soooo precious omg i want to be her!!

  2. How very beautiful she is, stunning in fact. xx sissy jayne

  3. she is such a doll beautiful pic

  4. She is lovely ... do you prefer Asian maids?

  5. oh Nikki if by "prefer" you mean "want desperately to be" *blush* oh yes yes!

  6. Delicious photo! Hope you do not mind a fictional scenario.

    SATOYO was highly excited. Finally her parents had given her permission to take the high speed train to Tokyo to see her older brother by two years, TAKESHI. She had not heard from him for over three months, and Satoyo missed him very much. In her eyes he had always been her idol and protector. She had not seen Takeshi for over five months since he moved from their little town far outside Tokyo to the big city after he had been graduated from college.

    Satoyo was also really looking forward to meeting Takeshi's newest girlfriend KIMIKA, whom he had mentioned meeting when he first left the university. The first few weeks, Takeshi mentioned her in every phone call and letter, but then came the recent months of silence.

    After Satoyo rang the bell, the door opened, and to her shock stood before her stood an astonishingly lovely young girl perfectly attired top to bottom in a French Maid's uniform. The attaractive young woman was seemingly pushing an electric vacuum and wonderful aromas of evidently dinner being prepared on the stove filled the home.

    "My gosh" Satoyo wondered. "Had Takeshi taken poor Kimika and turned her into some kind of household and playtoy for himself?" For a second Satoyo's mind wandered to her own boyfriend back home and his overbearing behavior.

    Then, half numb in amazement, Satoyo inspected the maid more closely. Satoyo viewed her stylish five-inch heels, slim shapely legs clad in dark stockings that were attached to flaunty lace bowed garterbelt, wasp corsetted waist beneath silk, satined and lace black dress with ample decolletage of pert breast showing from the bodice.

    Yet as Satoyo began closely to examine the maid's exquisitely made-up face and hair, Satoyo's mouth opened in shock further still. For a moment tears of fear and confusion welled in Satoyo's eyes.

    "TAKESHI! TAKESHI! What are w-wearin... Why are you d-d-resse...? Takeshi..."

    "NO Satoyo-san... please do not call me that. Please, if you do i shall be punished... Satoyo-san - please - my name is TAKA."

    Satoyo, mumbled in a stutter.

    "B-b-but TAKA is a girl's name, Takesh- I mean Taka."

    Taka, trembling in embarrassment and fear curtseyed,

    "And so, such is right for a lowly male, Satoyo-san, for it has been given to me by my Female Master Kimika as is proper, Satoyo-san. Please, now enter into home of Master Kimika. Please, be seated, Satoyo-san, i shall inform Master Kimika She has a guest."

  7. Takeshi (or Taka!) led Satoyo to a comfortable lounge chair in the living room, then watched as he (she?) daintily ascended a stairway in a manner that for the first time changed Satoyo's saddened awe to a slight sense of comic relief. From below Satoyo heard her TAKA knock at a door and her brother's timid and perfectly-pitched feminine voice,

    "Oh NASTER KIMIKA-SAN... great pardon... i beg forgiveness to interrupt the important business of a Woman... but You have another Female Master who seeks audience with You, Master Kamika-san."

    Satoyo then saw Kimika for the first time. There was no doubt as to why her older brother had seemed so smitten with Her. Kimika was one of the most beautiful creatures Satoyo had ever seen. In the past, as Satoyo had idolized and idealized her brother so much she often felt all of his past conquests were NEVER good enough for him. However, seeing Kimiko, Satoyo's initial response was how might any male, INCLUDING Takeshi (Taka?) deserve such perfection.

    And it was not merely physical allure. It was Kimika's immediately sensed aura of confidence and assertiveness that magnified Her awesome beauty. It was peculiar, but from the moment Satoyo's eyes set on Kimika, Satoyo felt a warm pride in being Female she had never before experienced. Kimika's initial words both broke and continued the spell Satoyo felt had been cast over her,

    "KIMIKA... at last. I have so longed to meet You, having heard much wonderful about You from MY LOVELY MAID TAKA -- Your LITTLE SISTER..."

    Again, taken aback, Satoyo cast a glance at 'TAKA', and saw the face of the crestfallen male slightly flush in shame, as he kept his head lowered as evidently he had been taught to do in the presence of Females. But this time the sense of discomfort she had dissolved swiftly and Satoyo found herself smiling in amusement.

    "TAKA... fetch wine for My guest and Me. Then you may tend to your household duties, while We Women talk."

    Then Taka lowered in a perfect curtsy, not daring to look upon Satoyo, and thus being saved from noting the pursed lip smile She could not hold back from Her face nas he femininely responded, then delicately turned and headed to the kitchen, his 5-inch heels clicking in girlish gait on the hard wooden floor.

    "Yes, wine for the Female Master, Master Kimika-san."

    Kimika then sat in a chair near nearby to Satoyo and They began an engaging conversation concerning things Satoyo would never imagined could ever have existed.

  8. Time passed so quickly for Kimika and Satoyo, but for poor Takeshi-TAKA who had to scurry about his cooking and his housework it seemed ages. He thought how he could never again return to his home or even his whole hometown with anything but dishonor and shame. At least, surely, with dinner approaching, his sister would soon leave and this day's humiliation would lessen. Then, Kimika commanded,

    "TAKA... place TWO settings at the table instead of just ONE for me, My guest Satoyo will be dining with me. And lower the dimmer switch, as I prefer soft candlelight and not harsh electric brightness for our meal."

    And so TAKA served Kimika and Satoyo for what seemed to him an eternity, while to the Women felt but brief minutes. Satoyo sat rart as Kimika related detail upon detail of proud haughty 'macho' Takeshi's re-training and transformation into dainty, dutiful and domestic TAKA. The vignettes of punishments, spankings, denials of all things 'manly', introduction to feminine attire and make-up and feminine behavior and bearing, verbal taunting, public humiliations left Satoyo transfixed with the ideals of Female Supremacy Kimika proposed and espoused. Kimika's narratives lasted well past dinner, continuing as They laughed and sat relaxed next to one another on the living room sofa.

    All seemed to Satoyo, beautifully lovely tales of a fairy tale world She had heard about now for only the first time. But each time Taka was summoned and ordered about, Satoyo realized it was a utopia that truly did and yes, SHOULD exist. In Satoyo's world males were falsely prideful, powerful overbearing, clinging to an aire of superiority they used to force upon the Female various indignities that now could easily be placed upon males as Kimika had done to Takeshi to properly change him into TAKA.

    Throughout Kimika's narrative, Satoyo often found Herself motionless nearly hypnotized at times. Then came Kimika telling of Takeshi's one rebellion, the time when Kimika announced he would be put on Female hormones so that his feminization might be yet more to Her liking with his developing even real breasts.

    "H-h-his h-her BREASTS ARE REAL!" Satoyo blurted interrupting.

    Kimika answered, merely smiled victoriously.

    Then Kimika enlightened Satoyo on the details how Taka at first refused, trying to resurrect 'Takeshi'
    by threat of physical violence. Satoyo knew of Takeshi's incredibly high opinion of his exceptional martial art skill and initially worried if he did harm to the wonderful Kimika. Then Kimika joyfully accounted how in perhaps at most five minutes Takeshi was cringing below Her on the floor looking up at Her in fear with mascara running from his tear-filled eyes that pleaded for mercy. Kimika heartily chuckled,

    "I merely taught the poor little dear that


    and from that moment on Taka has obediently never again dared to refer to herself in any term even slightly 'masculine'."


  9. For Satoyo, hearing this last scenario was a Sea Change, a total enlightening and reversal of how she viewed the World and its Sexes. Admiration and excitement for Kimika's charisma so overtook Satoyo, that She found Herself leaning over and placing Her nervously quivering lips firmly on Kimika's. Kimika's and Satoyo's lips and tongues playfully fenced and gamboled and tickled each others for six or seven minutes. Only near the end did both Women notice and giggle at the sad, disheartenedly unmanned girlish figure of Taka performing the finishing touches on the dishes and other kitchen chores nearby. Taka had certainly heard and seen all, and Satoyo felt particularly glad that ‘she’ had, experiencing an empowerment as at no other time in Her life.

    Kimika grinned at Satoyo, and queried with taunting and perhaps a tinge of malicious frivolity, loud enough to reach Taka in the kitchen,

    "So Satoyo... I'll leave it up to YOU. What future fate would YOU prefer for OUR lovely little TAKESHI-TAKA...


    Satoyo, no longer the shy little girl who once held Takeshi on a pedestal in awe, paid honor instead to Kimika with a gentle kiss on Kimika's neck and then Her earlobe. Then turning with a disdainfully playful smirk, Satoyo boldly summoned the femininely clad male who had once been Her brother,

    "TAKA... Look at this, MISSY! Our wine glasses have been empty for over twenty minutes. Are you looking to be PUNISHED, GIRL. Now, get out here with OUR refills this instant, YOUNG LADY..."
    This time saw Kimika swelling with high regard for SATOYO as Taka approached to fill Her and Satoyo's crystal vessels... and that regard blossomed to admiration as Taka, in the pained disgrace of feminized grace, performed a perfect curtsey, before his Superior Sister, truly begging in fear of having angered Her,

    "MASTER SATOYO-SAN, here is YOUR and Master Kimika-san's wine. All humble apologies from an insignificant maid, MASTER SATOYO-SAN. Please forgive and do not punish her, please, she is merely a male and shall truly try to be a better serving girl in the future, Master Satoyo-san, "

    At this, Satoyo exploded,

    "ENOUGH... Stop your SISSY PRATTLE, TAKA. I will consider your punishment later. Now go stand there with your face to the corner of the room, GIRL. If we need you We shall call."

    The soft muffled sobs emanating from across the room thrilled Satoya and Kimika. Spontaneously the two Women fell into each other's arms in the most of meaningful embrace.

    Note on the meaning of the names used:

    SATOYO - a female name meaning ‘hometown generation’
    TAKESHI - a male name meaning ‘fierce warrior’
    TAKA - a female name meaning ‘dutiful, obedient’
    KIMIKA - a Female name meaning ‘skilled or excellent emperor'

  10. Pardon writer's many mispellings and grammatical faux pas reader-san.

    On the other hand, Pilgrim, youse gets what youse pays for...