Friday, July 3, 2009

Blast From The Past!

I love sex… it so important to me that every day it’s the most pressing activity for me that day. If I can suck a cock before noon, or lick a pussy, or explode into a pussy or mouth, ass or even my own hand my day is complete. And that’s just the start of my day!

I also love being a tgirl?

There is absolutely nothing better then getting up in the morning in a silk or satin nightgown and feeling your clit through the sensual fabric. Now with my implants that fill the bodice of my nightgown it truly doesn't’ get much better than this!
This Monday morn
ing Tommy, one of housemates was the second recipient of my morning horniness.

But first … I spent last night with a couple – Lisa and Terry but they left very early to return home to Virginia. It was a lovely weekend of sucking, fucking and licking. Terry has one beautiful cock that I sucked early this morning before they left. It’s nothing better than to have a mouthful of cock and cum as you say good morning.

But I am getting sidetracked, as it was Tommy that I was talking about. After Lisa and Terry were on their way, I discovered that Tommy was also now home – alone - so I crawled into bed with him. He wanted to sleep but I certainly didn't. Tommy has a wonderful cock as well… its thick and at least 8 inches when hard.

My clit certainly was hard and it didn't take me long to get his huge cock hard.
I spread his legs wide, then knelt between them, and then began licking the insides of his right thigh, avoiding the huge manhood that lay before. Soon I could see a slight firmness building in his shaft. I could feel Tommy becoming aroused to my lips and tongue seemed to find tender areas of skin.

I found his balls with my tongue - n o that difficult to find I might add, so I slowly nimbled on each one. Tommy‘s moans at first were soft, then began to become a slow drone. I knew he was almost awake now.

Seeing that his cock was getting firmer, I immediately wrapped my lips around its head. The feeling of cock – especially a huge one – growing inside your mouth is pure excitement. I love the sensation of control and I was in control now.

I slowly tongued his shaft finding the bulging veins. Repeating my tongue strokes as I devoured his shaft.

Tommy reached out to pull me to him but I gently pushed him back onto the bed. This cock was mine and I wanted it to explode into my mouth.

I did turn my back to him to let my black satin nightgown flow, like a tent, all over his naked body. As I arched my back, I know he could feel my cock ring encased 7 inch clit on his stomach.
Back to business, Tommy’s cock felt as big as it has ever been in my mouth. It was throbbing as I continued to work the shaft and the huge head. It was like being in heaven.

Tommy’s moans were quick now, his legs were moving as he was squirming underneath me. I could see his toes crunch together. Tommy became louder and luder but for me it was all focus. I wanted his cock to explode and explode it did. Tommy screamed!

It was all I could do to keep my two hands on the shaft to keep the gush – surge actually - of his silky white cream in my mouth. I weanted it all. I took several gulps then ran my tongue across my mouth to get every last drop.

I turned back to Tommy as I ran fingers across that big head to get the last bit of cum and simply said.

“Good morning Tommy!”

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